Salt Hair Loss Do Salty Food Cause Hair Loss, How Bout Sea Salt In Dogfood?

Do salty food cause hair loss, how bout sea salt in dogfood? - salt hair loss

I have heard that the salty hair loss in May due to the dogs, "said Sea salt," as one of the ingredients in dog food? Can also cause hair loss?
Ear mites can cause hair loss?


Amanda H said...

As far as I know, no salty food causes loss of hair, but too much salt can cause kidney problems.

However, sea salt can be very good for dogs in the right quantity. (Sea salt is different, then the table salt and sea salt will be much healthier.)

When hair loss occurs around the ears of a dog, then it's a good chance that the dog has ear mites. The dog ears were itchy ear mites, and he / she is trying to scrape the skin to get rid of scabies.

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