Mutations Interesting Facts For Tay-Sachs . . . .?

For Tay-Sachs . . . .? - mutations interesting facts

? Precise name of the gene
? Protien name encoded by the gene (if present)
? Legacy: the type of mutation (autosomal sex linked.)
? a recognition of the
? Research opportunities
? Other interesting facts


mimi said...

Gene Name: HEX gene on chromosome 15

Name of the protein by the gene: hexosamindase protein encoded

Inheritance: recessive type of mutation: an autosomal

Carrier screening: the blood sample and enzyme assay (detects serum levels of beta-hexosamindase A)

Research Perspectives: research in gene therapy is considered the absence of disease, current treatment

Other interesting facts: the incidence of Tay-Sachs disease is particularly high among people of Jewish descent from Eastern Europe and Ashkenazi.

sapphira... said...

Here is a great site for information on Tay-Sachs

I hope that helps!

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