Catholic Patron Saint Of Occupational Therapists Who Is The Catholic Patron Saint Of Family Life/Happiness?

Who is the Catholic Patron Saint of Family Life/Happiness? - catholic patron saint of occupational therapists

I am a Catholic and I am confirmed. I need a short essay about my holy name not know and to choose which way! I want a saint is the patron saint of the family, the family fortune, or something similar. In addition, the saint must be a girl. I thought maybe Santa Rita, but she had an arranged marriage, and I was a saint, who have been happily married, and there are not too many have religious holy, at least not find me. Please help:)


Saved by Grace said...

Why not try to "pagan god of the family life / happiness?" I'm sure you will get the same result.

cashkill said...

Hello, lifting his soul no statue or a saint or Mary.
This means that they never pray only pray to God the Father / Jesus / Son or the Holy Spirit.
If you have done wrong and he admits, and then immediately sin to God through idolatry =.

The reason is that the idols of today are the minds of many demons that live in them when you lift your soul to get the spirits to you and help you remain in sin.
If the church says something, do another.

So what are all people, including Mary.

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