Do I Need Help Anorexia What Weight Would A 17 Year Old Girl Thats 5ft 2 Need To Be Hospitialized For Anorexia?

What weight would a 17 year old girl thats 5ft 2 need to be hospitialized for anorexia? - do i need help anorexia

How much weight would be 17 years old girl thats 5 feet 2, the anorexia hospitialized?

Any additional information would be nice, thanx


Phoebe said...

Nothing less than 96 pounds, 6 stone 8 pounds, but it depends on your mental state and whether they are willing to advise and help to restore and weight. Send someone to the hospital should be carefully examined with an eating disorder not only to judge on the basis of weight!

For more information e-mail and tell me what kind of things and I will try to help xxx
Good luck xxx

Sebastian T said...

The key to losing weight is not hard to eat - less and exercise more - have problems when in reality try to put it into practice! There are many ways to not in the real world there are not? The only method that worked for me Wu-Yi tea can be found in the resource box is shown to have a few free trials left, have been reported in Reader's Digest and CNN. I Schmolz 30 pounds, which does not really work!

Ellie T said...

their strong dependence on the situation. If not fed his lips in a week or more passed, and weigh 6 stone, which I think she was in hospital.

It also depends on where in the country, as some cities are warmer than others in recovery, and whether the units are completed the requirements for change will be accepted. You can also use as a patient day will be considered and will be supervised during meal times, but is allowed at night at home.

In general, I suppose, if something in about 6 stone.

pinkfudg... said...

To qualify as anorexic must be less than 80% of body weight should be classified.
You need suitable kg 47th So less than 37, I think.

But this does not necessarily mean that you will be hospitalized. Have people lost not only hospital on the basis of the amount of weight, there are other factors at play.

Rachel said...

This really is not (although that's obviously your weight) is a factor, it had less than three consecutive terms. And if you are under 55 pounds at 5 "2 is officially underweight.

xlulux said...

Well, if you are underweight, less than 7 stone!

If you are anorexic, you should always get a doctor or help because he could get out of control!

baby blues said...

5 stone, which I

sexxysco... said...

Why ask or hope you're not anorexic

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