Big Green Egg Boat I'm Interested In Buying A New Grill, The "Big Green Egg." Good? Bad? Worth The Price?

I'm interested in buying a new grill, the "Big Green Egg." Good? Bad? Worth the price? - big green egg boat

The problem I have is that I want a gas grill with infrared burners. You can not have both. So what do I choose the "Big Green Egg", or a gas grill with infrared burner? Thank you very much for your help!


redwine said...

The egg is amazing, but seriously wonder how your grill. I have the luxury of an egg and a gas grill. I must confess that if I had to give up a would be the egg, b / c you the grill more often. Would throw upon arrival home from work late, and only a few dogs and hamburgers too much will work together to get the egg is (in my humble opinion). But my weekend cooking seriously by the egg, especially smoking. Anyway, you win.

They call me ... Trixie. said...

I have wonderful things about the green egg is one, and I was dying to get one (not literally of course). This will be my first choice whenever my new grill! I like the fact that he is a smoker, and you can also cook pizza and bread in it.

chris m said...

I like my egg. I can do everything from sausages to pizza and bread in it to do by far the best BBQ I've heard.

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