0x80004005 Preventing Accurately Checking License Windows Xp WinXP: A Problem Is Preventing Windows From Accurately Checking The License. (code: 0x80004005)?

WinXP: A problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking the license. (code: 0x80004005)? - 0x80004005 preventing accurately checking license windows xp

I have Windows XP on my PC a year, and now what has been referred, she said: "One problem is that Windows does not closely monitor the license" and my logs. I have a few things on the web. No worked.The thing I can think of is to reinstall, but I need a lot of things about him.

Please help as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

Get a USB drive and save all your stuff on it and then start

Anonymous said...

It would not be the first person to be bitten by WGA. Much time may be spent trying to solve this - maybe the best thing to do is to contact Microsoft.

Anonymous said...

This is what Microsoft has to say.


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