Paregoric Get You High Buying Paregoric At A Pharmacy?

Buying Paregoric at a pharmacy? - paregoric get you high

For some reason, when I was little, was a bottle of pain in the kit. I remember it was a dye called "Opium" and learned that opium addiction was what it took to get up high, and it was bad, because drugs are bad. Well I took a bit to see what he would do. I think that's me sick, and I know that I was tired. I am allergic codeine on the street.
In any case, since I heard that you can go to a pharmacy and ask for something and you and give you a bottle of it for your child to drink. Now I know, a dye is a relatively weak something in alcohol, rather than to one draw ", which is relatively high.
I have no interest in (it's killing me, I think my allergy codeine), but I wonder if that's what I heard is true without a prescription, something must be signed in pharmacies so they can keep track, who is it secure and how much.
So, what I heard is true?


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