Hard Low Cervix Can You Be Pregnant And Still Have A Low Hard Cervix Before Your Period?????

Can you be pregnant and still have a low hard cervix before your period????? - hard low cervix

I wonder because I am TTC, and I think I might be pregnant, but my neck is more difficult to return after ovulation? could still be pregnant?


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Absolutely. During the two weeks after ovulation, it is common to see the pass in all directions by the hormonal fluctuations. Sometimes, before my time (11 or 12dpo) I'll do my PC and the content is high and sweet, just to get AF by one. PC Graphics I stayed two weeks, because it simply impossible to pass.

It is very difficult to track changes in your situation cervix as a sign of early pregnancy. Ultimately, if you are pregnant, the cervix is closed and moves upwards. If this happens to us all differently, and that some of us will have before they occur, take a pregnancy test or lose their time. Others believe that the cervix changes a little later, a few weeks of pregnancy. It is not very reliable "signal followed by" too.

I hope that helped and good luck for this cycle ****

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