Moving To Milwaukee, What Do I Need To Know Moving To Denver In The Spring From Milwaukee.... Need Some Advice!?

Moving to Denver in the spring from Milwaukee.... need some advice!? - moving to milwaukee, what do i need to know

Being in Wheat Ridge, I'm not completely familiar with the region, but it was born 23 years ago and let me back next idea. Out in Denver 6 times in the last two years, can not simply "Get Outta My System failure. Life here in Milwaukee has quickly become boring, and it is time to start anew. I work for Cricket Wireless as a branch manager and a job there is no cause for concern. The first question is whether this is an accessible part of the living city? I want to be near the Front Range, and it seems that my work would be better to Oppertunities or territory in Lakewood, Colorado Mills. The second question is, what are they good places to meet people in Denver? Milwaukee is a town of drunkards, the only places, bars, not that I mind old. My last question is what saves the style stores in the region? I plan to sell 95% of my business, and buy low, this transition reasonable. Any other advice would be very grateful! Thank you ....


Amanda E said...

It is a difficult place to leave! I'm from California and tried to return to her college studies at the University of Colorado, and I could not bear it! I took me about 3 months! haha.

if people know I had a great time to meet people, so far! everyone is helpful and friendly. It is a site called "" and I have many wonderful people through! offers all kinds of events, wine tastings, excursions to the group's adventures, nights out! Denver is a city of outdoor activities that we love what they do. Denver amazing how happy hour, makes the fun: Just pop in after work and see who is there. We love our sport, especially football. There is a special camaraderie that you find here, I believe that much of the absence of other cities.

I provided most of my home with thrift store is located, there are some incredible goodwill salvation army in the region! In addition to their standard craigslist ads.

I would say that after everything cost me about $ 700 for my gameSharing a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and BASICS. I do not think it so bad.

Denver has some wonderful places, and have excellent information about Lakewood and surrounding areas. I am a broker in the region, and if you want, we can use a little about what happens there to speak. This is a good time to buy and enjoy all the government tax credits. Mortgage rates and house prices are so low, it is a great time to start new adventures!

Anyway, I hope this helps. Denver is a great city.
If you have any questions, please e-mail to

Sunshine said...

Affordable depends on what kind of home you are looking for ... Apartment, house, apartment, roommate rent, buy,? I would say that the only pieces of gold, has Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Simms and 6 of the area affordable housing and town houses, depends on what you are looking for. Colorado Mills, Southwest Plaza, including irons are good possibilities, there are probably some standing opposite. Meeting people is very easy to here, the people are very friendly. Many thrift stores are out of fashion now, what is surprising, though Craigslist is a good option.

marci knows best said...

To add a little sunshine, what you said, a good place to meet people. Join the Club about interesting things, for example, when you like the out-of-doors, Colorado Mountain Club a variety of different measures. Volunteers will guide you want to meet other people and do good in this process. Once a dog, there are many great dog parks in the area and many good people there.

Besides craigslist, join Freecycle. People give amazing things, plus it's a good way to clean up some of their own garbage.

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