Fake Community Service Log I Need To Fake Community Service. Pathetic Yes. Please HELP!?

I need to fake community service. Pathetic yes. Please HELP!? - fake community service log

Well yes, I know it's wrong, but I've waited so long and the work I did on Thursday.

Sorry for those who believe they should have done, what I have been a lot of work.


doglover... said...

Ideas that are easy to forge:
- Childcare
- Tutoring
- Help with odd jobs like mowing lawns, etc.

Please help me with mine!: Http: / / / answers.yahoo.com question / index? ...

whenhen said...

Cheap Including a phone number a false church, and then save the message in a prepaid phone with maybe 100 minutes per month (Virgin Mobile offers a prepaid phone service, free telephone line for only $ 15 is per month). Create a website for your church with a phone number and address. Making a false address and use the phone number. Then they say that teaching the way that young children about God, or if you work a bit. Whatever. If the University was asked to confirm, a friend, to convince them that this is the question of the church and are happy that you made in the next few hours.

What the... said...

First, you must still can. Just walk on the beach beside the road, park or other public place with many friends and trash collection. It can be fun, so there is a competition, you earn bonus points, etc.

Secondly, it is very touching. Not only the duties, but refuses to help the community, but rather to someone.

Third, it could only pick up litter while walking around the school and take 10 minuites without the road and get a ton of garbage.

So, you had a FRECKING WEEKEND! Dont Give Me This "homework" excuse !!!!! Trust me, I am reluctant to A (and I admit it is hard to beat)

If you really need to make an apology, "he raised his garbage, debris on highways, etc.

nor should really do their job, especially if they really did not take long, just like that.

fafafake said...

You must first apologize to you for dsiappointing urself.

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