Eton E K I Still Have My Doubts...i Think My Friend Is Lying About Having A Bf...?

K i still have my doubts...i think my friend is lying about having a bf...? - eton e

I know this question before, but it makes me crazy.
My girlfriend says she has a friend in England. shes from England too, but shes like Chinese or something.
and she has the perfect BF Yi is intended primarily think shes lying about it.
hes very nice and go to Eton, or we can accept the 2 and Cambridge or something, it makes no sense B / C HES already go to university? They've been "out" for a year or 2 years or not sure if I was not really a friend with her more time
But still I have the phone number the other day and saw texts from her boyfriend and how it wouldnt have sent the text or something somewhere?
and I saw that your e-mails and many e-mails and other things from him.
K and a rugby jersey and shirt thingy of his rugby team and the school has his name on it and everything
But you know, she's pretty smart
couldnt have since made it available?
I mean idk yi have my doubts, but it seems suspicious. like unbelievable.


angel said...

him the benefit of the doubt and assume it's true, you're his friend, after all. if it is a lie, deserves nothing but pity

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