Tonsil Photos What Is Wrong With My Infected Sore Throat? (Photo Included & Professional Answer Only)?

What is wrong with my infected sore throat? (Photo Included & Professional answer only)? - tonsil photos

WANT serious answers, no answer childlish be ignored. Thank you.

At first I thought I had a sore throat, but the doctor told me I had infected my vocal cords and requires no medication without gargling with salt water, ginger and Panadol water. However, my other friend gave me this chance (90%) with the same symptom is to be given different types of antibiotics that cause? Last night when I saw the photo of the yellow dots were visible, but before I see the doctor, I realize that was not visible and the only doctor, who wanted the throat for 1 seconds, then I looked for other opinions, what you think it can ask.

- Started 2 days ago
- Very strong pain when swallowing liquids (including your own saliva) or eating
- Loss of voice to speak (too painful, too)
- Fever
- Once the yellow mucus, phlegm, but gray especially once
- The yellow spots on the tonsils

These are some pictures of sore throat:
WARNING: These pictures are not good-looking
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