Lip Wart Remove I Met Someone Who Has A Wart Looking Thing On Their Lip Should I Get Involved With Them?

I met someone who has a wart looking thing on their lip should I get involved with them? - lip wart remove

I like this guy is really nice and pretty, but it was looking for the wart, which could on their lips, and I fear, be contagious. There were only a very small white high and the rest of his lips seemed perfect! I read somewhere that if someone takes a wart that stays in your body for 1 to 2 years and you can search for one or two years, then the virus to be eliminated outside the body, is that true?


☼Amelia Soleil☼ said...

If you have the stain on the lip, and may make it really cares, I just wondered what it is. Warts can be found in the mouth, but not so common and usually occur in 30-50 years. Therefore, the more likely it is a cold sore herpes. These two viruses are very contagious. In fact, I demand (I know it's hard to do) before kissing or intimate with him. These viruses (if it is) can be anywhere on the body - if there is a nerve ending, may develop a virus. Therefore, you can ask questions and respect.

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