Kink And Trash Rapidshare Is It Possible To Get A Free Kink, Fit, Or Haro Bike?

Is it possible to get a free Kink, Fit, or Haro bike? - kink and trash rapidshare

In the 14th and love BMX. But can not pay for me and my family a great bike. The one I have now, I found a collection of waste and is still shit and collapse. When I wrote a letter, Kink, Fit, Haro, or request a free bike you think there is a chance for anyone to give me an only? No response .... dumb severe MR.


turttle said...

Send a letter or e-mail to kink.

Hello Matt and Zack Before Philips

I have installed a pilot BMX hungry age of 14 who can not afford to send their bicycles incredible. When you are ready to send your scratched or damaged goods, I would be forever indebted to.

I travel and advertising for products Kink, as long as I live. I'm going to get a tattoo kink anywhere in my body tells me when I'm old. I'll stay in school to finish my degree in mechanical engineering, and devote my teachers, a part of BMX. Would be the end of my studies, I feel its an honor for which you are working full time.

If there is no way to conclude would you give me. I want to.

Best regards,

(Your name)

If you take this letter and enter the name of a company that you send your complaint, you can get some interesting answers. Maybe even a motorcycle, do not expect.

For each company in the letter of these names.

FBM: Steve Crandall
Metal Bikes: Jimmy Levan
Oriental: Leigh Ramsdell
MacNeil: Jay Miron
TerribasThe 1: Joe Rich
S & M: Matt Beringer
Standard: Rick Moliterno

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