Biotene For Tongue Piercing How Do I Know If My Tongue Is Infected?

How do i know if my tongue is infected? - biotene for tongue piercing

I got mine pierced 2 days ago. While my tongue is cut off, is diagonally crossed. the drill had penetrated into, because the ball close to the edge to ... is still swollen. it hurts, do something. I clean as directed by bioassay after eating or drinking anything that is not water. Even today, when I brush my teeth, I noticed how it seemed, pus under the ball .. After a thorough rinsing of the mouth, I realized he was still there. I'm really scared. I heard that sea salt and hot water are good. But what would it be? looks like a wafer. I hope not. I wanted my tongue pierced for 3 years and finally have it. Then I wondered if it can, the pain and swelling booster due to the fact that my piercer had pierceand a 2nd Time .... please help = (


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